The Things We Do For Fear

The Things We Do For Fear
Do you remember the old 10CC song the things we do for love? Some of the words were; “Like walking in the rain and the snow when there’s nowhere to go and your feeling like a part of you is dying.”
We certainly do a lot of things for love, but have you ever thought about the things we do for fear. The things that we are too scared to try, or too fearful to stop in case our business comes crashing down around us. Even though the things we are doing are not giving us the results we want in business or life.
Many surveys have come up with the result that people’s No1 fear is public speaking and their No2 fear is death! Can you imagine that? Most people would rather die than get up and speak in public! Go figure.
Recently I came across the Byron Bay Adult Education booklet and scanned through to see if there was anything of interest. One course took my interest, it was a 6 week stand up comedy workshop with local Byron comedian, Mandy Nolan.
I had seen Mandy perform on two occasions and she was absolutely brilliant. Anyway, I thought what have I got to lose? I signed up and turned up for the first class about 6 weeks ago. Thinking, even if it is no good I should at least get 6 weeks of laughs on a Wednesday night.
At the first class Mandy informed the 14 budding comedians, some of us were still trying to work out whether we really wanted to be there, that the graduation ceremony for the class, was to perform live at the Byron Bay Services club, in front of about 200 people. The show is called Virgin Sacrifice, for obvious reasons. The look of terror on some of the faces was deathly. Mandy prepared us well, by telling us that the fear we were feeling on the first night, would get worse as we got nearer to the performance date. That was encouraging!
Like any skill there is a system to learning, and true to her craft Mandy has walked the 13 remaining aspiring comics, through the process in developing our routines ready for the performance. She is a master of her craft, she has been a standup comic for over 25 years and has been teaching for over a decade. It pays to go with experience when you are trying something new.
We are having the show recorded and I will post the video, good or bad, for all to see. I emailed my coach Paul Blackburn ( ) to let him know I am taking on one of the fears I have had since I was about 13, and commented that you couldn’t die in 5 minutes on stage, could you? Paul’s laconic answer, as he wished me luck, was that you could die in 1 minute, but that would give you 4 minutes to be resuscitated. I love his sense of humour.
So as I finish this blog post I would like you to ask yourself, what it is that you may be scared of attempting in your Electrical Contracting business, that could possibly take you to the next level of success?
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  1. Very interesting i found this very useful, Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi i love your site  im starting my business now and am stuck on actually knowing how to advertise and  i think i am scared to face people


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