The Things We Do For Fear

The Things We Do For Fear Do you remember the old 10CC song the things we do for love? Some of the words were; “Like walking in the rain and the snow when there’s nowhere to go and your feeling like a part of you is dying.”   We certainly do a lot of things… Read More


What’s Critical In Your Electrical Contracting Business? – Survey Results

We are currently running a survey of Electrical Contractors asking their opinion on what they consider to be the critical issues, they face in running their business. The preliminary responses to the following question: What are the two (2) main critical issues you face in your business? Are split across two key issues. How to… Read More


To Get Different Results You Must Do Different Things

To Get Different Results You Must Do Different Things I hope you have seen the Indiana Jones Movies, otherwise you might have trouble with this concept. I prescribe to a philosophy that I want to share with you and plant in your mind. It’s called the Indiana Jones School of Marketing. I didn’t invent this,… Read More


Clients – Not Customers

Clients – Not Customers Here is the difference: What is the difference between a client and a customer? The word customer implies that they have bought something from you. And they may or may not buy from you again. The word ‘client’ implies a close relationship in which you help the client. It changes the… Read More


How About Educating and Informing Your Clients?

How About Educating and Informing Your Clients? How many times have you visited the doctor or dentist, stayed at a hotel or holiday resort, or had you car serviced and never heard from them again? Stop and think about it. How many of the businesses that you have given you custom to have ever asked… Read More


The Value Of Time

Following on from the previous post on time availability think about the following: To realise the value of ONE YEAR. Ask a student who has failed an exam. To realise the value of ONE MONTH. Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby. To realise the value of ONE WEEK. Ask an… Read More


How Well Do You Use Your Time?

Have you ever wondered where your time has gone? Here is an easy exercise you can do to work out how effective you are in managing your time. And also work out how much ‘REAL’ time you are leaving yourself to get the really important things done in a day. Time Availability How Much Time… Read More


The Importance of a Mastermind Group

I have just finished re-reading Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think and Grow Rich” for about the seventh or eighth time, if you haven’ already read it, you need to, and if you have only read it once or twice you nead to read it again. I am sure it is slowly sinking in. Again I was… Read More


Attributes of Leadership

Napoleon Hill in his classic “Think and Grow Rich” talks about the importance of having certain leadership attributes if you wish to succeed. While the book was published in 1938 following 25 years of researching over 500 top ‘Captains’ of industry in America and some may think it is too old to be of any use… Read More


How Do You Handle Loss?

This post comes with a certain amount of sadness as my father passed away on the 21st of October. While Dad was 89, a good innings in anyone’s language, he had recently been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. While we expected him to be around for a few more months, unfortunately it was his time… Read More

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